Saturday, March 31, 2012

Ursula's new doeling!

Our Nubian, Ursula gave birth yesterday...under our front porch. I went out in the yard to put the goats in as it was starting to rain. Ursula was standing under the porch and wouldn't come to me. She was all stretched out and really started to bawl. When she went to turn around, there was a little nose and feet stick out from under her tail! I put everyone else back in the goat field, ran in the house, got my "Midwife kit" and crawled under the porch to help in the birth.

Ursula didn't need any assistance.This wasn't her first rodeo. She had given birth several times before and had everything under control. I assisted to dry off the new little black and tan bundle of fuzzy joy. Ursula did little goat murmurings to her new daughter, while she nuzzled her and licked her clean. I gave them a few minutes to bond and then gently wrapped her new baby in a towel. Ursula followed me out to the kidding pen murmuring the whole way. I spent the next several hours with them in case there were afterbirth complications. The entire process went smoothly and I thanked YAH all was well.

What a blessing to witness one of Yahuah's miracles...the miracle of life.
I praised the Father and prayed over this new little family that YAH has blessed us with.

New life is a treasure whether it has fur, feathers or fins. It is a joy many seldom see. What we can see, is how living a life in Torah will renew your life. You can become a new creature through the Grace given by Yahushua Messiah and following the instructions provided by Yahuah Father.

I treasure my new life as a Hebrew. It is an amazing blessing to live the Agrarian lifestyle our Father intended for his people. I thank Him for it every day.

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