Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Faith Like a Dandylion

I have a Love/Hate relationship with weeds. I love how they grow and bloom despite the fact they grow in places where I don't want them. I hate the fact I have to mow them off in the yard and pull them out of my veggie garden. It doesn't matter how many I mow or pull out, there will always be more coming back. 

What we see as a weed, Yahuah sees as a way  to reveal to us the importance of having our faith deeply rooted in His Word. One weed that is special to my heart is the bright yellow dandelion. The dandelion is the best example of how growing a deep root of faith can sustain us...no matter how much life mows us over.

Let me explain why I love this sunny yellow weed. Dandelions can grow almost any were most other plants can't. They have a very deep tap root that keeps the plant fed, regardless of what the surface conditions are. This is why you can see them growing in sidewalk cracks and in the sides of walls. They won't develop a stem or flower until their root is firmly established to feed the rest that grows above the surface. This means that for every happy yellow flower you see, there is a tap root 6 or more inches deep in your yard to feed it.

 If you want to get rid of dandelions in your yard, you have to dig them out...all out. Any root you leave in the ground will bless you with yet more yellow flowers come next Spring. Dandelions are true survivors. Even a major amputation will not keep them from blooming.

I think the best example of the dandelion's adaption to survive is they will bloom regardless of how many times they get mowed over. They do this because like all living things, their sole focus is to survive long enough to reproduce. One of the ways they do this is to adjust the length of their stem to produce a flower and seeds.

For example: The first time you mow your grass in spring, you mow off all the dandelion tops. This is because it is the plants nature to grow a long stem so the seeds will easily be carried by the wind. Now that the plant stem was cut off, the next stem will be much shorter. The plant then goes into multiple stem production since it has "learned" a tall stem won't produce seeds. Every time you mow, you will see dandelions with shorter stems until you see them blooming UNDER your lawn mower blade. You'll be rolling right over all those little tenacious yellow blooms and not whack off one of them! That bloom is living proof that what happens on the surface doesn't matter...if your root is strong enough to sustain you.

I want to have Faith like a Dandelion. I desire that my Spirit be deeply rooted in the protective soil of my Heavenly Father's Word. I want the ability to remain focused on His intent for my life to grow spiritually, regardless of how many times life mows off my bloom. I will continue to grow, will bloom again and hopefully send out "good seed" in the life I'm given. My root is deeply secure in His Word. Since I am HIS and He protects HIS OWN, my faith is secure no matter what size mower life hits me with.

So the next time you see all those sunny little lion faces looking up at you...smile. Yahuah has placed them there to encourage and inspire you to root yourself deeply in His Word. You will discover that getting your bloom whacked off is not the end of the world. It is just a step in growing your faith. Pretty soon, you'll be happily blooming beneath blade level no matter how many times life mows over you.

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