Monday, April 16, 2012

When Kids Leave Home...

Sunday was a bittersweet moment for me. Bella's twin doelings, Monkey See and Monkey Do were picked up by their new owner. They had come to see the girls when they were 2 weeks old and fell in love with them. I have to admit it was very cool seeing their young son set on the boardwalk and the girls dance and play around him. I can see why they wanted them. Who could resist that pair of little dancing elf eared bundles of joy?

It was too soon to take the girls from Bella so, the buyers came back 2 weeks later when it was safe to wean them. I had to remind myself they were going to a great home ,as I carried each one to get loaded onto the back of their pickup. This would be the last time I got to hold either of them. Within minutes they were loaded and ready to go.

 I watched them drive slowly up the drive way with mixed feelings of satisfaction and sadness. Our homestead had produced its first livestock for sale. Those babies were our First Fruits and we had dedicated the money from their sale toward a worthy cause. That cash in my hand was going to help children who desperately needed it. Knowing that made it all worthwhile. Thank you Yahuah.

While my head and spirit was satisfied with the transaction, my heart felt torn. I would miss those little imps and all their side splitting stunts they'd pull. I loved how they would nibble on me, try to crawl in  my lap and overall get under my skin while happily bouncing off my heart. I smile just thinking about all the laughs and giggles Brad and I shared over Bella's twins. Yes, I hated to see the twins go but, it was necessary. The reality is you can't keep them all. I have many funny memories and pictures to remind me of these twin "First Fruits Kids."

The amazing thing about sharing blessings is you have no idea how far or deep they will go. When we decided to use the money to help needy children, we thought the blessing of having the twins would end there. What we didn't realize is there is a second layer to the blessing. Right across the river from us is a delighted little boy,with 2 new "Energinizer Bunny Wanna Be"  kids for playmates. He and his parents will get many hours of laughs and memories watching three kids play, romp and run as only kids can do.

Sure hope they keep their camcorder charged....

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