Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Emmy Lou AKA Caprine Queen of EVERYTHING!

Emmy Lou...ah the stories of that Queen of the Goat Kingdom. She never does ANYTHING without making a big fuss. If she isn't bawling LOUDLY for attention she is stomping, snorting or knocking stuff around in the goat yard until she gets what she wants.  

I had no idea what a goat whipped servant I was until she came into my life. You can't feed her or milk her fast enough. When she is done with the food she is also done with milking. It doesn't matter if you aren't finished, she is finished. I have to tie and hobble her just to finish milking her. 

The only thing that exceeds her attitude is her appetite. She sucks up grain like a shop vac! If I fed her as much as she'd like during milking she'd eat double or triple what she really needs. 

As our top resident attention hog and caprine love sponge, Emmy Lou makes sure that she is the center of attention. She has the ability to rule over time and space around here. 
Every encounter is a battle of wills of which she is usually the victor. Now that I know my place, I make it a point to keep her happy just so she doesn't beat up all the other goats in the yard! There are days I'd give her away and other days I just love her to pieces. She has the most people like personality of our herd. She loves everybody and is the first to greet you at the gate. I never have to catch her 'cause she is always in my pocket or rubbing on me to get scratched or petted. Even with her high and mighty attitude, she has a goofy adorable side too. Life here on the homestead wouldn't be the same without the daily antics of Emmy Lou.

Of the three pregnant does, Emmy had me the most frustrated at kidding time. I thought she'd NEVER deliver her kids. She just wasn't showing signs  like the other does did prior to birthing. Emmy's due date came and went so, I decided she might like time out of the kidding pen. She had been in the pen for over a week and her "goattitude" was at an all time high. She needed a break from the kidding pen...I needed a break from her constant bawling and pacing the fence. I took her out to our side yard to enjoy munching on some of her favorite weeds. She enjoyed the weeds and I enjoyed the peace and quiet as she stuffed herself with yard goodies.

When Emmy Lou did finally deliver her kids, she used her impeccable "center of attention" timing to have them...on Shabbat/Sabbath afternoon...in front of everyone who came to fellowship that day. We watched her give birth and marveled at the miracle of new life. A few of the folks there had never witnessed an animal giving birth so this was a rare treat them for them.

In true Emmy Lou "get'r done" style, she quickly delivered two health kids, a buck and  doe. We named the buck, Boaz (Hebrew for "strength/pillar") and the doe, Binyah (Hebrew for "foundation"). They are the next generation of our growing goat herd. Boaz looks like his daddy and Binyah is a mini me of Emmy Lou...right down to the attitude. That  little goat apple didn't fall far from the tree. 

Now I have a second generation of goattitude. I can handle it...one 'tude at a time. =D

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