Tuesday, July 3, 2012

When I Out Stupid Myself

There are times when I am amazed at how dumb I can be. Not that I am  always dumb...I just do dumb stuff sometimes. The only time I go beyond "dumb" is when I make two mistakes back to back. Then I am just flat out STUPID.  I am happy to admit my mistake, wear my DUNCE hat and set in the corner. I'll set on the street corner if it would insure I don't make the same STUPID mistake AGAIN!

My last big mistake happened a few weeks ago. I'm still shaking my head over my total temporary loss of reason and intelligence. My synapses glitch was so big that I say I "out stupid myself" in comparison to any previous brainless event burned into my memory. So what did I do that was so stupid?

I pushed the wrong command button on my cell phone and...

I deleted hundreds of photos in my phone...without saving them to my PC first.

Oh yeah, I see you shaking your head. Have you goofed up and deleted important photos too? I don't feel quite so bad. In case you are shaking your head in disbelief of my stupidity, please just reach out and thump me on the head. I could use the painful reminder to THINK before pressing a button...ANY button on my phone.

Loosing all my precious photos is a big deal to me. Those pictures were mainly of our homestead, animals, events, and in general a huge slice of our life around here. I had videos of goat kids being born, working our new garden plot, wildlife, me hand milking the goats, etc. I also lost family and friend pics and videos of "Kodak" moments that were once in a life time.

I had intended to upload these pics to my PC and use most of it to post on this blog. I had MONTHS of cell phone pics for posts. My memory card had over 300 pictures just BEGGING for a story to be told...and I lost it all with just one push of a button.

Fortunately, I am not so stupid that I don't know what I did wrong. I most certainly know EXACTLY the point in time where I could have easily avoided this whole situation. Knowing what you did or where you went wrong is the first step to not repeating the error. So, if I knew then what I sorrowfully know now, here's what I'd do differently:

I would upload my phone pics EACH DAY to my PC. When I got sidetracked from blogging I also quit uploading pics from my phone. This is my back to back mistake. It wasn't intentional, I just got caught up in other things and neglected the pics, and thereby neglected the blog they were intended for.

Keep my spare micro SD card with me so I can pop/swap it and get a back up of at least some of my pics. If my card is corrupted or I repeat my past "Out Stupid Myself" mistake. I have a back up.

This whole experience has impacted me in a profound way. I lost pictures I cherished because I got distracted and lazy in saving them. I not only lost them, I also lost the ability to share them with others. That is the biggest loss of all. I am sorry, really, really sorry.

The best thing that can happen by me sharing my latest stint with STUPIDITY is that you learn from my mistake. Please, upload your phone pics to your PC or flash drive and get them out of your phone. Don't loose those precious memories you've suspended in digital time. You'll regret it, and I hear about it....

I'm gonna hunt you down and personally thump you on the head.

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