Thursday, January 31, 2013

Camelids Anyone?

Three weeks ago we got a call from Seth, a farmer friend who asked if we'd like to own a couple Alpacas. Brad and I talked about it for a bit...more like 45 seconds and then said, "Sure, what do you want for them?" The farmer then said, "You can have them for free, I'll even deliver them to you."

Now we were a bit stunned. Brad and I looked at each other like we each had a third eye...they are FREE? Seriously?  He will deliver? WOOOOOW. What brought this blessing to us?

Actually this all started Spring of 2012 with Kiko goats. This same farmer raises them and I bought two young Kiko billies from him. He had both Alpacas and Llamas and I commented how cool these animals were.

While I was there, I noticed Seth had a really nice Kiko doe with a dairy sized udder to die for. I let him know that if she ever had any doe kids, I wanted all of them. He laughed and told me he'd call me when she was ready to kid. Fast forward to the beginning of the story...

Seth called and told me that he thought the Kiko doe I liked was about to kid most any day. Did I still want the doe kids? Yep, I still wanted them. He told me he'd call when they were born and I could pick them up when he weaned them a couple months later.

We chatted a bit more and then he said he needed to  reduce his herd of Alpacas. I learned the market had bottomed out and he had 3 neutered males he wanted to find homes for. Did I know anyone who might be interested? Golly gee.....who might I know that would want an Alpaca? I put my hand over the phone and  relayed to Brad what Seth had told me. He said yes, provided we had more info. I got back on the phone and asked Seth about their care, deworming and hoof trimming. He told me he'd come help us with whatever we needed.

So, we are now the newbie owners of 3 Alpaca's we have renamed Barney, Casper and Urkle. These 3 guys are revealing some really funny personalities...stay tuned!

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  1. Wow - that was really serendipity - I would love some free alpacas! Actually, I really need fences first. But still, what a wonderful addition to your farm. Their fibre is so wonderful to spin. Scrumptious! Congrats on achieving goat-diaper expertise! It's easy once you get the hang of it, but goodness that can take a while!