Thursday, May 30, 2013

So, I got a Zero Turn mower and...

A couple weeks ago I cashed out what was left of my old 401K. With the economy looking ready to tank, I figured I better use it before Uncle Sam keeps it for himself. Now that I had the cash, it was time to get some things we needed for the homestead.

Of the many things we could put that cash on, we really needed a decent mower for the yards, around the garden and along our driveway. We had several dead riding mowers that Brad simply did not have time to repair, and I had been mowing all this with an old push mower. All that mowing took hours each week and I needed that time for other jobs. We decided to find a used Zero Turn mower to save me time (and to save Brad my nagging to fix the broken mowers).

I found a great deal on a small Zero Turn on my favorite shopping site...Craigslist. It seems the mower was being sold due to divorce and the owners wanted a quick sale. Well, I had cash, the sale was quick and within a few days, the little blue Zero Turn was unloaded in my drive way.

Okey dokey! I'm cookin' with gas now! I've got my mower and I'm ready to kick some butt/roots on all those weeds, wild onion and assorted thistles in our yard. I'm in full blown weed decapitation mode. All those undesirables are about to become mulch beneath my blade! Hah, ha, ha, HAH, HAAAAH! I got a Zero Turn and...I have NO IDEA how to use it. Nothing like getting a pin prick of reality to burst my happy bubble of  weed mulching madness.

Thankfully, the guy who dropped off the mower gave me a quick lesson in how to use it. He's happily explaining all the technical details and all I'm hearing is "Blah, blah ,turn the key to the right, blah, blah, blah, pull the gear lever up, blah,blah." I'm standing there nodding my head, feigning interest and thinking to myself "It can't be that hard to run this thing, GIVE ME THE KEY!" If I can drive our tractor, I'm sure I can figure this out.

Right about the time I decided to just take the key and mow off into the sunset, Brad came home from work. He spoke to the delivery guy and told him that HE would show me how to use the mower.  Ok...I get a Zero Turn lesson from the Hubster. Cool. He knows how I am, so this should only take about 10 seconds of his time. I can handle that.

Brad gave me the brief run down and then took the mower for a "test mow" in the yard. I'm watching that cute little blue mower do a "from pasture to park" makeover on our yard. Oh my...that is just tooooooooo sweet. Honey, I just LOOOVE this mower! I think I can handle it. Do you mind if I MOW NOW?

Brad was happy give me a turn (after 10 minutes or so). I planted my backside in the seat, pulled the handles together in front of me, put my foot on the gas pedal and took off down the drive way. Within minutes I realized I was waaaaay over mounted. In horseback riding terms, you are over mounted when your riding skills are vastly inferior to the training of your horse. If I didn't slow down, my next high speed zero turn was probably going to land me in the hospital.

My little blue mower (now named Zippy) was a lot faster and responsive then any mower I'd been on. I went from being hell bent for leather to decapitate weeds, to driving like my granny to keep from being tossed off on a turn. Zippy was fast, powerful and would turn on a dime. My past experience involved mashing the gas pedal just to get our mower moving, and my turn was more platter size. Driving Zippy was like the difference between driving a pedal car and a Ferrari. Nothing like a heart pounding reality check  to make me adjust my mowing skills.

Twenty minutes later, I was actually comfortable mowing on Zippy. I was mowing around trees, trimming along the fence line and grinning like a fat mouse in cheese heaven watching all those knee high weeds become fine mulch. Every pass around the yard reaffirmed that buying Zippy was a good investment. I can mow in record time and Brad gets a little more peace of mind...sort of.

Since we bought Zippy, Brad mows more then I do! Seems, he enjoys mowing now. What he doesn't realize is that less mower time for me, means I now have more time to nag him about other things. ;-p

Just kidding! Honey, I am SO HAPPY you love mowing with Zippy! I'll go get you a glass of iced tea. Love YOU!

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