Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Never Ending "To Do: List!

Have you ever had a "To Do" list that you ran out of paper at the bottom? There you are...writing away on that list (that looks kinda like a scroll) and you unroll it a bit more and more paper! Well, that's what it seems like our life has been around here over the last 6 months. We had more tasks then paper to write them on.

Actually, I am doing the happy dance about running out of list paper. That makes me focus on getting things done that are ALREADY ON THE LIST.  Brad and I have been up to our eyeballs it seems with multitasking too many things and not getting nearly enough of them completed. It's frustrating to look around the homestead and see dozens of started projects that are awaiting completion. Most of what is incomplete is due to one or more of the following situations:
1. Lack of funds for parts or repair
2. Lack of a sufficient block of time to get it done in a day
3. All the Above

Take for example our ancient tractor. The three point hitch weld broke for the umpteenth time and Brad decided to totally remove it to have it professionally welded. While he was at it, he also removed other parts so we could get the front hydraulics repaired also. Doing this involved removing the back tires so now we have an amputee geriatric tractor on blocks by our shop. "Ole Yaller" has been on blocks for at least 6 months now...and counting. We have a perfectly good Brush Hog and front blades work with and no working tractor to hitch them to.

So, you might think, "Big deal, the tractor is missing in action...that's just one fly in the ointment of farm life." Well, let me tell you, that is one BIG FLY!  When the tractor was dismantled, we thought it'd be back in action within a paycheck or two, or three or four. Fixing it didn't happen due to funds having to go other places. So, the To Do list got a lot longer just by the tractor being out of commission. Here's a short list of what  Ole' Yaller has waiting for him when he finally gets rolling:

1. Pushing all the dirt back to fill in our drainage ditches. Our back and side yards, picnic area and part of our goat paddock looks like it's occupied by giant moles...not pretty!
2. Mowing pastures that are now so tall the goats can HIDE in them. Thankfully, they love me and I never have to FIND them.
3. Moving the small mountain of gravel that is parked in MY parking spot in front of the house.
4. Drilling holes for fence posts...never have enough fencing.
5. Just being ready to do whatever we need a tractor for!

I must say that I am not complaining. I'm just stating the "cause and effect" that happens on a homestead when just a few things are out of whack. I'll be a very happy camper when our tractor is fixed, my favorite Little Blue farm truck is resurrected from the dead, my milking stanchion head stall  is repaired, the rest of the new fence is put up, the water line is run out to the barn, my outdoor canning kitchen is get the picture.

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