Homestead DIY Projects

Turning trash into treasure is a lost art form. Fortunately for us, my hubby Brad is an expert in giving new life and purpose to discarded, unwanted stuff. Check out the homestead projects we've completed so far. You too can "Get More Cluck for Your Buck" AND get creative in finding ways to live well on less!


Most of the materials we use are reclaimed or what I like to call "re-purposed." Just because something was created for a specific function doesn't mean we can't do something else with it. Case in point: wooden pallets. We LOVE pallets!

My husband is an excellent dumpster diver. He has brought home all kinds of precious treasures from his employers trash. Pallets are the one thing they toss on a regular basis. As far as we are concerned, pallets are a must have item to homestead. There is soooo much you can do with building a kidding pen.

Brad designed this pen so the walls could be taken down and moved. Each pallet in the wall is secured to a 2x4. The ends of the walls are drilled through and bent rebar is used to connect the pallets by the corner holes.  He then put a temporary support over the back half of the pen and covered it with a tarp. The pen has an open sunny area and shelter to keep out the rain and wind. This  pallet pen is working great for keeping the new moms and their kids separate from the flock until the kids are a bit more steady.

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