Scrap Wood Square Bale Hay Feeder

When it came time to start feeding our goats hay we ran into a snag...we didn't have a square bale hay feeder.

My hubby, Brad got the clever idea to make me a custom sized feeder. Since our scrap pile of farm project left overs was high (and our budget was low), I was happy to let him design the ultimate Scrap Wood Hay Feeder!

The basic design is made with 2x4's and sections of welded fence cattle panel. He cut the sections of fence with a cutting torch and then used a grinder to round off the rough edges. Screw clips and fence staples were used to attach the panels to the wooden frame. The frame size is just right for one normal size square bale.

The frame height is high enough off the ground that the goats can't easily jump into it. It is also not so high that I can't put a full bale in the feeder. The goats are happy. I am more happy as they can't waste so much hay now.


  1. Just found your blog while searching Google images for "scrap wood goat hay feeder". You have the first image! Thanks for posing this. It's informative and exactly what I'm hoping to build. Love your blog. My family and I live a similar homesteading lifestyle in Utah. Keep the posts coming.

  2. Great design, looking for a DIY feeder for my sheep. Like you, I'm short on time and $ but long on materials sitting around. Going to copy this this weekend!